Client References

Dear Thiru,

Thank you so much for your excellent service during the
POA conference 30 May – 1 June 2010
In a country where service has been rapidly declining it
was extremely refreshing to find somebody that takes the
service industry seriously. From always answering my
calls immediately to still looking after my clients and sorting
out a problem of tape on the carpet, even after I had left,
leaves no doubt in my mind that you are an asset to your
company. I wish I could find more Thiru Govenders around!

I wish you the very best and hopefully, which might be
selfish of me, still find you at SCC when I return for the next

Warmest regards,
Fil Concado
Venues Online

Rooms on View 2010 was our ninth show held at Sandton
Convention Centre.

Thiru and his team run a professional, friendly and organized
operation. Care is taken in ensuring the safety of the goods
as well as making sure all our exhibitors’ needs are met.

This is one area of the show that we never concern
ourselves with as we know from past experience that it will
be taken care of by Optical. Our exhibitors are always happy
to see Optical in the loading bay also knowing things will get
done, and done on time.

Thiru’s attitude to Rooms On View as his client is that we
are always informed and updated, and his main concern
is ensuring a successful show.I would not hesitate to
recommend Optical Exhibitions and Logistics to handle any
operation held at Sandton Convention Centre.

Kind Regards
Kim Lowenstein – Rooms On View Organizer


To Whom It May Concern

This serves to confirm that inhouse Exhibitions & Logistics
has been the preferred supplier at the Sandton Convention
Centre since the official Opening in August 200.

In this time we have found Thiru Govender and his Team
Professional, Hard Working and willing to assist in any way
possible for both the Client and Venues needs.

We receive numerous letters of compliments from our
organisers and can confirm that Sandton Convention
Centre highly recommends their services to any facility
seeking assistance.

Yours Sincerely,
Janine Baltensperger
Events Manager

To Whom It May Concern

Thiru Govender from Inhouse Exhibitions & Logistics
has done the sign Africa Expo for 9 years at the Sandton
Convention Centre for Practical Publishing.

It is always a pleasure to work with Thiru and his team. They
always offer a professional logistics service including freight
forwarding, onsite logistics including traffic management,
load bay management, porters and fork lifts.

Your faithfully

Charnia Yapp


 Dear Thiru Govender

Thank you so much for your assistance with the green
Economy Summit, 18-20 May 2010. You and your staff truly
made the Exhibition a success.

The review about the helpful of your staff were outstanding.

Keep it up Guys
Azwifarwi Ambani

Managing Member
Crystal View Promotions